Friday, March 13, 2020

Health Department require to keep PHC Garacharma under check; Parents allege, “had the doctors would have diagnosed the Dengue fever early in 4-5 days, my daughter would have be with us now”

TMI Correspondent
Port Blair, Mar 11: Providing quarters nearest to health centre make eases to doctors. But, that make diseases to patients sometime.
Patients who are frequently going to PHC Garacharma allege that, "there are three to four doctors in the hospital treating patients during day time from 9.00 am upto 12.00 noon, and after that no doctors will be seen in the PHC Garacharma, being their residential quarters nearest to the PHC they use to guide the head nurse or nurses to call, if any emergency cases come to PHC. Moreover, this PHC have all the equipments for emergencies, but due to lack of maintenance the oxygen cylinders are always found empty and ambulance is under unserviceable".
An incident happened with a 15 years girl child T. Veniya, resident of Teylorabad is a glaring example who became that unfortunate victim, she was taken to Primary Health Centre (PHC), Garacharma complaining fever during the month of December last year, and is ended up her life in the same Health Centre due to breathlessness issue.
According to her parents, "a week before this 2020 new year she felt fever and we took her to PHC Garacharma twice during day time and doctor have prescribed some course of medicines and she consumed, but even after 3-3 days the fever did not come down and suddenly she felt difficulty in breathing, we took her to PHC Garacharma finding it nearest to our home at Teylorabad, but there doctor advised us to take her GB Pant Hospital, but her breathlessness continued, finding on the way at the crucial hours, we have consulted Chakraborthy Hospital, Dollygunj. Where, the doctors have done all relevant tests and said that her lungs are infected due to dengue fever and she serious, need to take her GB Pant Hospital".
"In no time on that night around 10.00 pm of 30 Dec 2019 she was admitted to GB Pant's ICU and fixed oxygen cylinder and other life supporting equipments, under emergency case, Dr. Gadela was attended my daughter and gone for further relevant tests. After two days, the doctors informed us that her kidney were also infected and have to undergo dialysis for temporary time being", they added.
"After a week she got stable in her health, then, GB Pant doctors have referred my daughter to Kamakshi Hospital, Chennai under ANISHI scheme for further treatment of kidneys. At referred hospital, after many tests the doctors said that, the dialysis was done at Port Blair may be happened at a fast pace, but that was good if averted dialysis that time. Then, doctors of Kamakshi Hospital said shocking news that, sorry to say, her both kidneys were infected 80% and required to transplant". "Being same blood group, I was ready to donate my organ to my daughter. However, after a month her health was rectified and dialysis continued, on doctor's advice I brought her back to Port Blair's GB Pant Hospital and undergone dialysis, and I started arranging the fund for required transplant", her father said.
"But, just a day before of Holi at night, she felt breathing difficulty and we took her to PHC Garacharma at about 12.30 am doctor and came to attend my daughter from her residence quarter at about 1.00 am and after a 20 minutes my daughter breathed her last". He further said, "I can't blame the doctor alone, but the entire health system for mistreatment toward my daughter. If, had the doctors would have diagnosed the Dengue fever early in 4-5 days, my daughter would have be with us now", he yelled.
However, it is come to notice that, these days the GB Pant doctors are very easily advising the patients to undergo dialysis, in many cases patients alleged that, when they consult their mainland specialists about their kidney status, they suggest to avert dialysis and further they said last second stage of treatment on kidney is dialysis.
Moreover, the consumption of water in the daily life is a major factor for the kidney failure. Anyhow, in GB Pant Hospital presently we have 13 dialysis machines, but there is no proper staff was deputed to operate the machines and facing the shortage of RO units also for the machines. Now, 17 more machines procured by Health Department and will be installed at various health centers in the A&N Islands soon.

DoB: 18-02-2005
DoD: 10-03-2020
The A&N Media Federation have deeply condoled the sudden and untimely demise of Kumari T. Veniya, D/o N. Thirupathi (Editor of Andaman Namnadu), R/o Teylorabad. The ANMF team prays the Almighty to give strength to the bereaved family member to bear the irreparable loss.

Citizens' Corner 12/03/2020

* Require to launch a Bharish Bachao Abhiyan to save water, as we can't do it from our houses/ homes, but govt. can plan it in a better way by not allowing the rainwater get into sea. As our Member of Parliament, Kuldeep Rai Sharma also has a vision on water preservation.

* Superior officials visiting their mainland to celebrate Holi, it is good that higher level officials planning, how and where to celebrate festivals before the month begin and proceeds for that. But, keeping the 100+ in number of subordinates' (NHMs) payment at due for past 4 months, especially on the wake of festivals is the deed of selfishness of higher officials during the need of NHM staffs. This shows how much the higher officials are concerned for local employees (NHM) that are known for Backbone of National Health Mission.

* Love Birds can be seen during summer at shady places like Gandhi Park, Marina Park, and beaches in city, etc. But, the nuisances arise when they become fearless. Only cops can keep them control.

* Fire will become common report during summer seasons, and there are places especially within the Municipal areas, the ways are narrow to very narrow where even a fire tender can't be able to reach to, and then finally, District Administration will have to level the loss in the name of ex-gratia, aftermath. It would be better, if individuals check their surrounding of the residential places in a fire-safety manner.

* Will the rise of Doctors' demand calm down after OFC's work complete in the islands? Vacancies of doctors in various specialties are left unfilled in these islands since past many years. As per sources, the intending candidates (doctors) are used to back-off after they find Port Blair is weak internet feasibility area, despite offering high pay by the local administration. We may get this time easily alongwith digitally support system. We think, now the OFC will put an end to many immoral rises.

Rich tributes paid to heroes of First War of Independence

Port Blair, March 11: The Deputy Commissioner, South Andaman Shri Abhishek Dev led the Islanders in paying rich tributes to the heroes of First War of Independence on March 10, 2020. This day (Mar 10) commemorates the arrival of the First Batch of Freedom Fighters of 1857 to these Islands. At a solemn function held at the Chatham Memorial at Chatham Island yesterday, the Deputy Commissioner laid wreath at the memorial as a mark of respect to the Freedom Fighters. Floral tributes were also offered by the senior officers of the Administration, members of Local Born Association besides old inhabitants of these Islands at the Memorial. Ex- President, Local Born Association, Shri John Lobo despite his old age offered floral tributes at the Memorial. The programme was organized by the Directorate of Arts & Culture, A&N Administration.