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Stay@Home, Study@Home – by Dr.S.Ganesan (RD, IGNOU)

- Dr. S. Ganesan (RD, IGNOU) The concept of 4-walled class room is fast changing due to extensive integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in teaching-learning process. We all know that our home is our first school, to start the initial steps of learning process. Mother is the first teacher for a child. The 4-walled study-room at home provides a similar educational environment of a school; it is more so for university level education. The Open Learning system provides education at your door steps. But, now it is able to reach inside the study room right away. The ‘distance’ in Distance Education system has been disappearing due to computer mediated education at ‘click’ away distance. The e-mode learning platform available now is easily able to teach at a distance. Thus, the home based study is more effective and powerful for self-learning students.   The constructive use of time, during long lockdown period, is one way of improving our study habits.   Conf