Thursday, July 9, 2020

Citizens’ Corner: 09/07/2020

* May be one of the reasons behind scanty rain in the A&N Islands! The people, who are educated, well settled, but greedy are busy in the work of deforestation at the Attam Pahad area since Lockdown. Land in hectares is cleaned to build their illegal shelters free of cost and after some will sell it to parties. The persons, who are indulged in the act was govt. servants from revenue department, advocates and Bangladeshis. PCR is on rounding daily but as a mute spectator, and Transport department officials are doing their only duty to conduct tests for four wheelers. I am also going to encroach a piece of land there tomorrow; after all, I don't have my own house here in these islands.

* The dream of speed mobile internet will remain a dream until we get a good speed in our smart phones. Don't know, whether the given dates and times are the hoax or fooling authentically to cool down the islanders. But, at partial and special locations as Raj Niwas, Secretariat, Zilla Parishad, IP&T and District Court areas are getting a good speed in mobiles.

* Thanks to the God to keep the populace alive in these islands, only rain which saves us in the water crises. The authorities which are paid to supply sufficient water to its consumers is surrendered themselves and planned for curtailment of 10 days. And some private water suppliers are engaged in providing water to special households on call. After the mobile internet speed "Jhumla", people doubts on Authority's assurance that, "People wouldn't need to face water crises next year i.e. in 2021, because all the projects on water will be completed very soon".

123rd Birth Anniv. of Alluri Sitarama Raju celebrated

TMI Correspondent
Port Blair, July 08: The Andhra Association, Port Blair has celebrated the 123rd Birthday of Alluri Sitarama Raju on July 04, 2020, who was an Indian revolutionary involved in the Indian independence movement. He led the Rampa Rebellion of 1922, during which a band of tribal people and other sympathisers fought in the border areas of the East Godavari and Visakhapatnam regions of Madras Presidency, in present-day Andhra Pradesh, against the British Raj, which had passed the law. He was referred to as "Manyam Veerudu" (Hero of the Jungle) by the local people.
However, some followers of Alluri Sitarama Raju were first stepped into these islands in the beginning of 19th century and survived with families here.
The team members of Andhra Association garlanded the statue of Alluri Sitarama Raju at the premises. Speaking on the occasion, the General Secretary, Shri B. Ramakrishna has expressed his happiness over celebration of the Birth Anniversary of Manyam Veerudu, and further said "we are continuously striving to develop the structure further, many functions are held in the Andhra Association Hall successfully, but amid Lockdown due to Covid-19 from the past three months we misses to organized many functions in this hall. Hope the situation will become normal very soon".
Highlighting about the great and brave personality Alluri Sitarama Raju, the Vice President, Shri M. Kondaiah said, "He fought against British for sake of poor in the community, we must work to make his dreams fulfilled in his path". Shri Upamathi and Shri Anand Rao have informed about the life of Alluri Sitarama Raju. Sweets were distributed among the participants and sarees to the poor women also distributed in the function. All are wore face masks and maintained physical distancing during the entire programme.

MP concerns for Islanders’ health; requests for many rectifications at GB Pant Hospital

Port Blair, July 08: During the implementation of Lockdown since the ending of March month, as per the MHA guidelines, children below 10 yrs. and senior citizens above 60 yrs. are used to avoid visiting GB Pant Hospital for average illnesses. But, patients who are undergoing dialysis are faced many challenges especially who are coming from far areas, and regular blood checkups are already stopped in GB Pant Hospital. Due to which, many islanders are unable to take proper care of their elderly persons and children at their home and managed anyhow. Consequently, the health department felt some relax in its service and paid less care to its equipments. However, the Member of Parliament, Shri Kuldeep Rai Sharma in the interest of Islanders has gave attention on the GB Pant Hospital and requested for many rectifications.
Establishment of CATH Lab in GB Pant Hospital: Shri Kuldeep Rai Sharma, Member of Parliament, A&N Islands has requested the Lt. Governor, A&N Islands last Friday to consider for early establishment of CATH Lab in GB Pant Hospital, Port Blair for diagnose and treatment of heart patients.
He informed that the people suffering with coronary heart disease is in rise and in the recent past we have across many young people losing their life because of lack of or absence of medical facilities in our hospitals to treat Cardiovascular disease. The patient suffering from heart disease is kept under observation with medication and on becoming stable is referred to the hospitals in mainland for undergoing specialized cardiovascular treatment. The delay in providing cardiac treatment is not only involves risk of life for the patient, but also require incurring of huge expenditure which is beyond the reach of a common Islander. Hence, an urgent need is felt to establish a Cardiac Cath Lab in the G.B Pant Government Hospital, Port Blair so that the process of coronary angiography and angioplasty etc. can be performed here in the Islands giving respite to the Islanders. He further said that the former Lieutenant Governor Mr. Jagdish Mukhi during his visit to the GB Pant Hospital in the month of June 2017 expressed concern on the slow progress in establishing the CATH Lab and he was assured by the authority concerned that the CATH lab at GB Pant hospital will be operationalised with in a month's time. However, more than three years have passed since commitment and Islanders are becoming the victims of the heart disease in absence of the specialized treatment for which CATH lab is necessary. Therefore, the Member of Parliament, Mr. Kuldeep Rai Sharma has requested the Lt. Governor to expedite the matter for establishment of CATH Lab in the GB Pant hospital, so that the cardiac treatment facility becomes available to the Islanders at the earliest.
Rectification of Air Conditioners in Dialysis Unit: The Member of Parliament, A&N Islands Mr. Kuldeep Rai Sharma has informed Director of Health Service, A&N Administration on July 03, 2020, that most of the Air Conditioners installed in Dialysis Unit (Ground floor) of GB Pant Hospital are non functional since last three months and only one unit was functional till 30.06.2020 which is also non functional since then. Due to which the inpatients who undergo dialysis are faces lot of difficulties. Besides this, he also brought to the notice of the Director of Health Service that the waste incinerator installed at GB Pant Hospital, Port Blair for disposal of hazardous medical waste is also non functional. Therefore, he requested the Director of Health Service to get it repairs of Air Conditioners in the Dialysis Unit (Ground floor) and also to make operational of incinerator at the earliest after rectifying the defects.
Installation of rain water harvesting system at GB Pant Hospital: Shri Kuldeep Rai Sharma, Member of Parliament, A&N Islands has requested the Hon'ble Lt. Governor, A&N Islands last Friday to issue direction to the concerned department to make arrangement for rain water harvesting system at GB Pant Hospital for collection and storage of rain water which would solve to some extent of water scarcity to the patients and other general public. He further said that in the GB Pant Hospital, there is acute shortage of water for the inpatients, outpatients, attendants, medical staff who are around 2300 persons and requirement of water for GB Pant Hospital is about 2 lakhs liters per day and arrangement of water conservation through rain water harvesting system is felt necessary to avoid water crisis in the hospital, communications from Media Cell, MP Office compiled.

MP requests LG to provide land at GB Pant Hospital to create accommodation facilities under MPLAD

Port Blair, July 08: Shri Kuldeep Rai Sharma, Member of Parliament, A&N Islands has requested the Hon'ble Lt. Governor, A&N Islands to provide land at the premises of GB Pant Hospital, Port Blair for construction of a building under MPLAD fund to create accommodation facilities for the Inter Islands patient's attenders.
He informed the Lt. Governor that many poor patients come from different part of Inter Islands such as Diglipur, Kalighat, Mayabunder, Billiground, Rangat, Kadamtala, Baratang, Swaraj Dweep, Saheed Dweep, Little Andaman, Car Nicobar, Nancowry Group of Islands, Campbell Bay and from remote places of South Andaman to GB Pant Hospital for further treatment who are referred by the respective PHC/CHC. These patients are coming along with attenders to take care of them during treatment. However due to non availability of accommodation facilities in the premises of GB Pant Hospital for the attenders, they are facing great hardship who are so poor and cannot afford to stay at any lodge and cannot bear the transportation expenses to visit the hospital daily.
He further said that during his recent visit to GB Pant Hospital, he saw that all the attenders are lying on the floor at different places and possibility of getting infection is very high as the Corana positive cases are admitted in the GB Pant Hospital which is increasing day by day. Apart from this, generally hospitals are always place of high infection. Therefore, he request the Lt. Governor to provide land within the premises of GB Pant Hospital for constructing a building and the construction cost will be given by MP from MP fund were poor people can stay free of cost, a communication said.

MP provides 23 Foot Dispensing Sanitizer machines to GB Pant Hospital

Port Blair, July 08: Shri Kuldeep Rai Sharma, Member of Parliament, A&N Islands visited GB Pant Hospital, Port Blair on July 06, 2020 and provided 23 numbers of Foot Dispensing Sanitizer machines and installed it at various location of the GB Pant Hospital for the protection and safety of the inpatients, attendants, out patients, Medical staff and general public.  He further requested the Director of Health Service, A&N Administration to keep refilling the Dispensers frequently. He also insisted for social distancing in the hospital, a communication from MP Office said here.

Protest by PCC against rise in the prices of petrol and diesel

Port Blair, June 29: In order to protest against the unprecedented rise in the prices of petrol and diesel, a massive dharna was organized by the leaders of the Pradesh Congress Committee at Dairy Farm Junction Mr. Kuldeep Rai Sharma ANPCC president and other senior Congress leaders were present during the protest.
Similar protests were also organized at Bambooflat, Dollygunj, Aberdeen Bazaar, Haddo, Shadipur in other places in the Islands.
Congress leaders alleged during the protest that citizens in the country are shocked and unhappy over the repeated and unjust increases in petrol and diesel prices as also excise duty over the last three months of the lockdown.
"The extortionate increases have been inflicted on the people by the Central Government at a time when they are facing unprecedented economic challenges on account of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Central Government is profiteering by fleecing the people of India," Congress leaders said.

Traffic police take series of measures to de-congest city roads

Port Blair, June 30: In a bid to de-congest the busy city roads, the traffic police here has taken up a series of measures by way of identifying critical bottlenecks / congestion points and accordingly taking measures to remove them. Though traffic police have been deployed in various places in the city for better traffic management, traffic congestion has become quite alarming in the city as traffic snarls can be witnessed on a daily basis in the city, especially during peak hours.
Speaking to agencies, Mr. Ajay Rai, Dy. SP (Traffic) told that as part of the traffic de-congestion plan, one side parking norms have been adopted in the stretch of roads leading from Ratnam Market to Ganesh Temple, Aberdeen Bazaar. Two wheeler riders can park their vehicles on one side of the roads for a period of one week while in the next week, vehicles can be parked on the other side of the roads. Auto drivers have been directed to park their autos in a particular area near Tiranga Park. A separate area has been barricaded exclusively for the autos and passengers availing auto rickshaw have to hire the autos from this specified place marked as an auto parking stand. In the stretch of road leading from Junglighat Radhakrishna Temple to Mr. Bhagat Singh house, four wheelers can park their vehicles on one side of the road while two wheelers can park their vehicles on the other side of road.
A mobile squad team has been formed to crack down thrill-seekers performing dangerous stunts on roads with their motorbikes and also to check rash driving. The mobile squad will be equipped with cameras and other gadgets so as to check rash driving and also prevent youngsters performing dangerous stunts on road. According to the police, a majority of the bikers who are involved in these activities are youngsters and many are minors. All truck drivers have been directed to cover their trucks loaded with sand, cement, dust and other materials so that these materials do not fall on the road causing problems for motorists.
In order to ensure smooth flow of traffic, a traffic signal has been installed at Nayagaon Chowk. To ease the traffic bottleneck in the areas leading from Dairy farm to Minnie Bay, which is one of the busiest stretches of road, the Traffic Police have installed plastic cones as dividers on the middle of roads.

BJP Govt. has received massive financial contributions in 'PM CARES Fund' from China: PCC Chief Spokesperson

TMI Correspondent
Port Blair, July 01: "The Modi government continues to sidestep the brazen Chinese transgressions and occupation of territory by the Chinese forces in Galwan Valley, PangongTso Lake area, Hot Springs and Depsang Plainsupto Y-Junction. Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi misleads the nation and serves the agenda of the Chinese by claiming that China has never intruded into the Indian territory, nor is it in occupation of territory", Indian National Congress alleges.
Addressing press conference at Gandhi Bhawan here today, Mr. K Ganeshan, Chief Spokesperson, PCC in presence of Mr. Tamil Selvam, Spokesperson, PCC said that, 'Chinese hostilities, in recent years are well known - be it the occupation of the Depsang Plains upto Y-Junction in the year 2013 (from where they were pushed back by the Congress / UPA after a face off), be it the Chinese occupation of our territory at Point 30R Post in Chumar, JUidakh in 2014 (when Modi was playing Jhumla diplomacy with the Chinese President in Ahmedabad), be it the Chinese occupation of the Doklam plateau in 2017. But every time, the Modi government is questioned on the Chinese transgressions of our territory, in four different places, i.e. Galwan Valley, PangongTso Lake Area, Hot Springs and Depsang Plains, a deceptive Modi government and a paranoid BJP resorts to diversionary tactics and disinformation. Congress party will keep asking these questions in national interest. As we all know the Prime Minister has a special soft spot for China. Even as Chief Minister of Gujarat, we saw his close association in his four Chinese visits. He is the only Prime Minister who has visited China 5 times', he stated.
'What is most worrying and alarming for national security is the fact of donations received by Prime Minister Modi from the Chinese companies in his (seemingly personal) PM CARES Fund. No one knows the constitution or the operational framework of the PM CARES Fund. No one knows how it is controlled or money given to it utilized. The fund is not even subjected to audit by any public authority including CAG. PMO has gone to the extent of saying this fund is not a public authority. PM CARES Fund is not even subjected to RTI. All in all, the Fund appears to be solely run by the Prime Minister in an opaque and secret fashion with zero transparency and zero accountability', he added.
'Reports suggest that as on May 20, 2020 PM Modi has received Rs. 9678 crores in the controversial fund. The shocking part is that though Chinese forces have transgressed into our territory, Prime Minister has received money in the fund from Chinese companies', Mr. K Ganeshan said.
He also asked the BJP to reply to a serious of questions which includes why has PM Modi received Chinese money into the Fund, despite the overt Chinese hostilities? Has PM received Rs 7 Crore from the controversial company HUAWEI? Does HUAWEI have a direct connection with People's Liberation Army, China? Has the Chinese company owning TikTok facilitated a donation of Rs 30 crores to the controversial PM CARES Fund? Has Ay tin, which has a 38% Chinese ownership given 100 crores in the controversial Fund? Has XIAOMI, the Chinese company, committed Rs 15 Crore to the controversial Fund? Has the Chinese company OP PC, donated Rs 1 crore to this controversial Fund? Has the Prime Minister Modi diverted the donations received in PMNRF to the controversial PM CARES Fund and how many hundred crores is the amount, diverted?
He further stated that If Prime Minister of India will compromise his position by accepting donations of hundreds of crores from Chinese companies in the controversial and opaque Fund, how will he defend the country against the Chinese aggression? PCC Chief Spokesperson asks.

Citizens’ Corner: 02/07/2020

* Ultimately, the axe of economy building falls on common men heads. The hike in fuel price leads to inflation and every essential items as bus fares, vegetable prices, and other products are reaching new heights and common man, who earns less amidst pandemic are bearing the burden, forcefully.
If the captain of team is excels and rest of the team members are not playing well, it doesn't mean the team will win. Likewise, with the belief in Modi ji, we can't expect the entire BJP govt. will do good in their performance, role of other ministers mattes too.

* The local administration taken up the responsibility from the beginning to contain the spread the COVID-19 in these islands, not even a single public representative have been allowed to enter into the matter of COVID-19. Now, the Coronavirus spread reaching out beyond limits after 33rd case, and near to cross 100 cases. Who will take the responsibility of this now?

* The APWD is seen working on roads engaged in doing patch works as its usual tradition, leaving other emergency construction works at Bay. During the pandemic, the govt. allowed the departments to carry out emergency construction works as the funds are also allotted less compared to previous years. Despite having many other necessary works, the APWD department seems addicted to do its traditional works round the clock.

* Happened as expected! The bluff of increasing the speed of mobile internet through OFC is a back-off decision again. Despite informed to the public through govt. medias that, 'from July 01, 2020 the mobile internet speed will increased', was not happened in reality.

Geezer at GB Pant is under repair since 3 years

The geezer at GB Pant Hospital is not working since past three years, due to which the patients who require warm water in wards are facing difficulties. The Govt. is spending crores of funds in health sector, but failed to resume a simple facility worth of thousands rupees, is shame for Health Department. (TMI Pix)

Have fear to dream about internet speed in the A&N Islands: Citizens

TMI Correspondent
Port Blair, June 24: 'Since past many years, months and days, even after listing in radio news and reading in newspapers about the news that internet speed will be increased soon in the A&N Islands has break our trust time and again on the issue. Now a new day is decided all of a sudden that from July 01, 2020 the high speed mobile date will become a reality in these islands. But, having fear to dream about changing commitments and feel like let not assume until happen in reality', citizens say.

Glowing tributes paid to Galwan martyrs at Buniyadabad

Port Blair, June 24: A solemn homage programme was organised at the Buniyadabad community hall on June 23, 2020 evening to pay tributes to the Galwan martyrs. Residents and youth of Buniyadabad, Ward No-8 under the leadership of Mr. K Ganeshan, Municipal Councillor of this ward, along with the residents and youth of the area paid tributes to the brave Indian soldiers who lost their lives in a violent face-off with Chinese troops in Galwan Valley on June 15. Saluting the valour and courage of the 20 soldiers, Mr. K Ganeshan said it the duty of every islander to pay tributes to the brave soldiers. Citizens must work to make the country stronger and self-dependent. Islanders must offer prayers for the safety and well-being of soldiers since they defend us. The clash in the Galwan Valley is the biggest military confrontation between India and China after their clashes in Nathu La in 1967, in which 80 Indian soldiers were martyred while the People's Liberation Army (PLA) lost over 300 personnel.

Administration will look into only what they want to; Is rest are happening under the supervision of “Mr. India”?

TMI Correspondent
Port Blair, June 24: It is good news for people that, the PBMC has taken up renovation of nine Community Halls in various Wards for the benefit of the people with the fund of Rs.7.15 crores allotted by Administration.
On the other side, the Multipurpose Hall at Buniyadabad is turning into a unique monument as still it is left for display purpose only instead of multipurpose use for the residents of the area since its completion.
The Multipurpose hall in Ward No. 8, Buniyadabad has been in a ready condition since 5 years now after its inauguration on 14th August, 2015. But it has been left as a monument without any proper use for the people of the area. The Port Blair Municipal Council is not allowing people to arrange any functions in this community hall.
The people of the area are celebrating special occasions as Birthdays, Sankranti, wedding receptions, etc. in the playground despite having a ready Multipurpose Community Hall at Buniyadabad. But this building fully comes into use only during elections as Polling Booth.
"The authorities should not let the public property rot under useless condition. The construction of a Multipurpose Hall Building is a matter of many crores of rupees, which cannot be misused, at least not as a tombstone. The guarantee of a new building structure is approx 30 years and this hall has already completed its 5 years without any public use. But, the authorities are not interested to put the hall functional, don't know whether the authorities can't able to see the structure or is not visible to them like a lead character 'Mr. India' in movie", people say.
Speaking to this correspondent, Shri K. Ganeshan, Councilor (Ward No. 8) said, "A legal case on this Community hall is under process in the court and court has issued an order that we are following."

Citizens’ Corner: 25/06/2020

* People are facing water crisis since lockdown, due to insufficient water in the Dhanikhari Dam during summer, the water curtailment was started on once in six days basis and continues till now. On the other hand, top officials are getting 24x7 water supplies. There is no tourists flow into these islands since many months, water taxes are collected by authorities timely from public, but people are forced to buy water from private water tankers. Will the administration and officers within, really understand what the people are facing?

* Went to many Banks for transaction purposes, but noticed a good thing in the Allahabad Bank, Port Blair, which follows proper cleanliness and maintaining sanitization measures towards the safety and protection amid epidemic in the islands. It will reassure staff, customers and visitors that the premises are safe and high standard of hygiene on their premises.

* Economy of businessmen touching the all time low in these islands, consequently the private workers unable to get their pay timely and sufficiently to run their livelihood. Even the govt. agencies are depending more on revenue which is collecting from populace. Anyhow, govt. servants stood at safe side, govt. employees will have to be paid, no matter what.

* Chanakya says, 'However, difficult may be the tasks, proper effort endowed with suitable device can always accomplish it. A ruler should be use six devices (like Sama, Dama Danda Bheda, Upeksha and indrajal) to accomplish tasks as the case may be. In personality also one has to first ascertain about the means of accomplishment and then start doing it'. Will our ruler apply these devices on those, who are behind the failure tasks of crores worth?

Citizens’ Corner: 18/06/2020

* Two wheeler riders are in shock after challanned by Police these days for not having mirrors in their vehicle. Don't know why it becomes necessary all of a sudden, whether for social distancing or safety of vehicular or to increase the revenue of Police department. But, imposed fine of Rs.500/-, for not having mirrors in their two wheelers vehicles.

* Economy of businessmen touching the all time low in these islands, consequently the private workers unable to get their pay timely and sufficiently to run their livelihood. Even the govt. agencies are depending more on revenue which is collecting from populace. Anyhow, govt. servants stood at safe side, govt. employees will have to be paid, no matter what.

* Water crisis situation in these islands are increasing year by year and this year made the worst, government also invested hundreds of crores on water projects in these islands, but till now not a single benefit is incurred by any of those projects to the people here and have to wait for Monsoon all the times.

* Chanakya says, 'However, difficult may be the tasks, proper effort endowed with suitable device can always accomplish it. A ruler should be use six devices (like Sama, Dama Danda Bheda, Upeksha and indrajal) to accomplish tasks as the case may be. In personality also one has to first ascertain about the means of accomplishment and then start doing it'. Will our ruler apply these devices on those, who are behind the failure tasks of crores worth?

* May be Schools are going to open after vacations in the A&N Islands in July. But, physical distancing will become a major challenge before the authorities to resume schools not only in islands, but in the rest of the country. Moreover, maintaining preventive measures as physical distancing, wearing masks, using sanitizers among tiny students will become a concern of school management. Authorities have to plan suitably.

State BJP Units in different States has provided assistance to stranded islanders in mainland: Mr. Jolly

TMI Correspondent
Port Blair, June 10: The BJP State President, Mr. Ajay Baragi has highlighted the one year achievements of the BJP Govt. in a press conference held in BJP Bhawan, Middle Point, Port Blair on June 08, 2020. He further informed that so far 35 crores Jan DhanYojana beneficiaries have been provided with Rs.500/- during Covid-19. 10 crores people are being given houses under PMAY, the ANISHI scheme has been incorporated under the Ayshuman Bharat health scheme which has also provided benefits to the people of the islands. The State BJP Unit will bring out a booklet on the achievements of BJP Government in the past one year, he added.
The former, MP, Mr. Bishnu Pada Ray said that during the NDA period, a slew of development projects were initiated by the Govt. and these projects as construction of National Highway and laying of OFC are nearing completion.
The former State BJP President, Mr. Vishal Jolly said that the performance of the local administration in bringing back stranded islanders from mainland was not satisfactory. He informed that, while other States of the country has done remarkably well, hundreds of islanders were stranded in mainland due to Covid-19 pandemic and were repeatedly pleaded the local administration to bring them back from mainland. But, the administration failed to initiate the return back process on time. He further said that, NGOs associated with the BJP and State BJP Units in different States have done commendable work to help and provide assistance to the islanders stranded in mainland.
On the water crisis, Mr. Jolly said, all other political leaders irrespective of their association with different political parties had raised water issues with the administration. However, the administration had never shown seriousness in resolving the water crisis in the islands. All major water projects are dusting in files and no serious efforts were taken up on water projects. About the commissioning of the undersea cable, he demanded that the undersea cable project should be commissioned at the earliest so that the islanders get the benefits. He further said that State BJP Unit will soon form a committee to monitor the distribution of fund provided by the GoI through NABARD for the farmers of the islands.
On the occasion, 12 Youth Congress members joined BJP, the newly joined members said they have joined the BJP because of fascinated with the development works of BJP government, especially Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi ji.

Citizens’ Corner: 11/06/2020

* Citizens have to be more precautionary while moving outside homes, as the cases of Covid-19 positive is entered again in these Islands after a 33rd last case. With the 2 new cases detected today total number of cases reached to 35, it hints that more cases can come up in future. Now, the people have to be more precautionary and not panic, and need to learn to live in the pandemic environment safely.

* The news of five puppies were charred inside Teal House by a highly educated person is a distressing fact that shows the degree in-humanness in the human mind. The nature gave an equal right to living things in the world irrespective of any species, but humans are the only animal who kills other animals unnecessarily, heartlessly. 

* Cyber criminals may go active during this Covid-19 pandemic, as the recent complaint of one, who lost about 9 Lakh after trusting a person on phone and sharing OTP is an alert for islanders to make one self aware of such frauds/ cheating.

* Issue of increasing the speed of internet through OFC is seems to becoming a big issue. Different sources say varieties of information. Don't know whether the islanders will get high speed internet or not, but confusion prevails all over regarding bill prices and tariffs, and ultimately the tax payers are at distress to come to any conclusion.

* There is difference between work on papers and on ground, to find facts what to do? Is a big unanswerable question! The officers on working on papers would not come to ground, and the workers on ground can't reach to the table where the papers are kept. Adulteration matters!

Citizens’ Corner: 04/06/2020

* Thanks to the members of various political parties who extended their helping hand in providing essential items to many needy people in the islands during Lockdown amid pandemic COVID-19. In the much needed situation some members at least came in front of us to rescue and helped us to stay at home.

* The MRP on new items are shocking daily after arrival of new stock in these islands. On one hand people are struggling to revive their economic condition after workless three months, on the other hand the MRP on items among new stocks are marked high. The ultimate fighters of COVID-19 are the citizens and have to stand, to regain the economy of whole.

* World Environment Day is celebrating every year on June 05 since 1974 with variety of themes and this year's theme is "Celebrate Biodiversity". Actually, we are failed to give an importance to the day may be from day one, that is how, the nature which has to be changed on its time is craving for change quickly. Humans with the greed on bucks, plots sale is become trend, consequently didn't mind for deforestation or care for imbalance creates by soil extraction which not only harms people, but also innocent animals. However, mighty people are in search of another earth after feeling discomfort in the existing now.

* May be Schools are going to open after vacations in the A&N Islands in July. But, physical distancing will become a major challenge before the authorities to resume schools not only in islands, but in the rest of the country. Moreover, maintaining preventive measures as physical distancing, wearing masks, using sanitizers among tiny students will become a concern of school management. Authorities have to plan suitably.