Sunday, August 23, 2020

Citizens' Corner 27/08/2020

* People now don't need to be feared for going GB Pant Hospital for any ailment, GB Pant is taking good care of patients these days. In fear of chances to be infected from Corona virus at GB Pant Hospital, people use to avoid going GB Pant Hospital and also with blind belief that doctors are not taking care of patients during the pandemic. But, the truth is different, now they are paying heed to patients in need.

* Encroachment continues at Attam Pahad, encroachers cutting dense jungle and making shelters finding as opportunity amidst COVID-19. Authorities are keeping at blind eye on the entire illegal affair, may be due to a revenue official himself is encroached a big portion in Attam Pahad.

* People are fed up with the private hospitals by their so called terms & conditions that, reports of patients' for any test or scan are kept with themselves only and not handing over to the patients. May be they are practicing this with the intension to stop the patients to go any other hospital, if not satisfied with their treatment. Still I wonder, how come, when a patient paying for test or scan having no right to keep the reports with patient himself?

* In trepidation of Corona virus, and Lockdown, elderly people and ill people at home used to visit less to health centres and due to non-getting of medication on time many are dying since recent past. What is more, the Covid-19 disease is prioritized by the Administration, and for other diseases get least attention by the people, is the reason for hike in mortality rate in recent time.