Friday, December 18, 2020

Citizens’ Corner: 17/12/2020

* The unemployed youths in the islands are at risk after privatizing some departments in the A&N Islands. As the companies of mainland are used to come into the islands alongwith the manpower setup. These days, various departments are filling up the vacant posts on contract basis only for a particular time, but in long run have no scope or future in these islands left.

* Don't know, whether the feasibility of e-buses in the A&N Islands are checked or have any plans to setup charging points at various places wherever necessary. Hope, everything done or doing by the mighty minds in the Administration is with complete knowledge, and should be responsible for any outcome in future as whether it is Good or Bad.

* The vehicle owners of series, that's registration number series is A, B, C are under cloud these days. Especially that some, who maintained well and put the vehicle in good running condition. As of now, there are few vehicle left and running on roads, rest are left to rust. The Administration must allow some vehicle after checking the vehicle condition and pollution tests for those who maintained well, if administration is suppose think about any suspension.

* I was a believer of DT blindly, my eyes are opened when I went to  buy vegetables from the market after reading the newspaper. I was felt happy after reading a list of vegetable market price in the DT official mouth piece Administration. But, the vegetable vendors opened my eyes with price of vegetables in the market in reality. Vendors says, the DT don't know the price of vegetables neither they asks us. But, the price is this, buy if you want or get lost. Finally, the citizens are be fooled by the price list in DT.