Thursday, April 15, 2021

Citizen Corner 15/04/2021

* Administration is fully equipped with COVID vaccines and other materials, and efforts are on to reach out last mile population. Citizens are now just need to get themselves vaccinated, follow SOPs and continue COVID appropriate behaviour till the pandemic phase turn away. This will make a big change in the humanity for generations to come.

* People are seen following physical distancing, avoiding crowd at markets, shops, etc. these days which is a good sign of awareness and responsibility. Of course, little hard to follow, but tomorrow we can move freely, if this practice continued till the pandemic phase go away. Actually, nobody wants to impose or be in Lockdown, Containment, Quarantine and Isolation Zones, but situation may demand it. Now it is upon Citizens, what the situation they want to make!

* The GB Pant Hospital since past two months sending patients to private clinics any blood tests including blood sugar test. The mighty Directorate of Health Services instead of increasing the quality and quantity of testing equipments, seems working to create dependency on private clinics, and patients are being forced visit private clinics. No choice, No matter how hardly they earn, patients are paying for their blood test reports at private clinics these days.

* Water is sufficiently available for now, but people are scared about the future eventuality, if it becomes insufficient. It is also our responsibility to use water judicially until the next season come.

* Fine on unmasked faces in the name of COVID-19 should not only enforce on roads, but also need to check in the big business malls and showrooms in the city. The innocent hardworking people are paying high to Police to breathe these days! 

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