Saturday, May 15, 2021

Administration handling COVID-19 pandemic situation in A&N Islands at its best; People must understand their mindful role to win over any Wave of Coronavirus

TMI Bureau

Port Blair, May 12: In an overview, administration is doing its best effort to curb the pandemic in these A&N Islands, viz. restrictions were tightened; mandatory RAT tests are conducting now on incoming passengers; transhipments of essential items is uninterruptedly continued; managing the PDS stocks sufficiently; procuring Oxygen Concentrators to face future eventualities, if any; enforcement agencies made active to challan or punish the negligence by people; managing COVID-19 cases systematically; and keeping daily ground level check on COVID-19 management by DC (SA) makes all things right till now, and hope the situation will be in under control in future too.

Call of Manpower

The foremost frontline health workers in the GB Pant Hospital are working tirelessly to save the lives of islanders. Especially, the doctors, nurses and ward boys on duty are working restlessly in Male Surgical Ward-I and Female Surgical Ward-II wherein, in addition to general, Covid-19 suspected patients are also being referred to with breathing difficulty. These are the wards which require more attention with professionalism at these hours.

But, due to shortage of Ward Boys in those sensitive wards it is becoming difficult to manage despite their 100 percent tireless work, it is observed. In view of the increase in movement of jumbo size Oxygen Cylinders in the GB Pant Hospital the work pressure is also added in their works which need to be managed by hiring manpower as soon as possible to meet the desired health outcome wisely.

People need to understand

One can observe some people mindless about the Covid-19 appropriate behaviour and behave carelessly as joke or what happing around them, but sorry to reveal it is really a serious concern, it matters an individual and their contacts. People can watch on YouTube to understand the consequence of infected person and how terrible that would be. However, administration is issuing many directions time and again as "what to do and what not to do" since the pandemic started to protect oneself from getting infected. But, this time people need to adopt themselves mindfully to behave 24x7 Covid-19 appropriately to save own and loved ones lives till the pandemic get out of our land, and don't step back in extending help to each other and who are needy.

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