Saturday, May 15, 2021

Administration will leave no stone unturned to contain the spread of the disease: Secretary, IP&T

Port Blair, May 12: The Secretary, IP&T, Shri Sunil Kumar Singh while addressing a COVID-19 media briefing in the conference hall of IP&T today, informed that the second dose of vaccination programme for the eligible persons above 45 years of age will commence from tomorrow (May 13). The vaccination will be done in all the 30 vaccination centres and all the 85 teams which were constituted earlier will be deputed for vaccination purpose, he said adding that for 18+ the vaccine has not yet arrived and it will be intimated as soon as the vaccine reaches here.

The Secretary informed that 3 flights with 259 passengers arrived today and during the Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) conducted on these passengers, 5 were found positive. He further informed that 99 persons bound for Middle & North Andaman were tested at Ferrargunj of which 8 persons were found positive. Informing that the positives cases are more among the people who are moving to inter- Islands as seen for more than a week now, the Secretary urged for limiting their movement and travel only in urgent situation.     

The Secretary further informed that a total of 100 Oxygen Concentrators provided by Govt. of India has already reached Port Blair in two batches. He further disclosed that another 125 Oxygen Concentrators provided by an organization will be reaching Port Blair in a day or two. The Secretary said the Administration is strengthening its infrastructure facilities to deal with COVID emergent situations, if any. "We are in a better position as of now when compared to other parts of the Country in dealing COVID and the Administration will leave no stone unturned to contain the spread of the disease", he said.

The Director Health Services, Dr. Omkar Singh informed that apart from the available Oxygen Concentrators, the Administration has further ordered for more Oxygen Concentrators through GEM. Oxygen Concentrators will be procured phase-wise and in the first phase 1500 has been ordered and another 1500 Oxygen Concentrators will be purchased as per the need, the DHS said. He said 85 percent people recover from COVID on their own, 15 percent people need oxygen support and only 5 percent people who become serious, needs ventilator support. Those who are on oxygen support, require it for a longer duration for their recovery. For such patients, the Oxygen Concentrators are found to be very beneficial. Oxygen concentrators are devices that help concentrate oxygen from the ambient air by removing nitrogen and delivering pure oxygen to individuals. This small Oxygen Concentrators can be operated through battery as well as power and it can be used at homes too. He said the Administration procured 250 Oxygen Concentrators before the start of COVID and in another two days, the availability of Oxygen Concentrators in A&N Islands will go up to 475. The DHS further stated that all out efforts from all corners is being made to further strengthen the Health institutions with all required medical facilities to deal with COVID related eventuality. "Have faith in doctors treating the person, he said adding that it is the best medicine. He further stated that if a person is facing difficulty in breathing, he should immediately rush to hospital for proper medical care.

The Deputy Director, G.B. Pant Hospital, Shri Amitabha De informed that the number of new corona positive patients admitted in the G. B Pant Hospital today is 20. He said, 9 patients were discharged and at present 98 are admitted in the Hospital of which 61 are on Oxygen support and 3 patients are on ventilator. He further disclosed that altogether, 6 COVID patients were admitted in Covid Care Centres.

Further, 2 patients were discharged and at present 51 patients are still in Covid Care Centres in South Andaman District, the Deputy Director added.

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