Saturday, May 15, 2021

Citizen’s Corner 06/05/2021

 * Even after many initiatives taken since initial stage to put control in surge of Covid-19 cases by the administration, finally the situation come to affect the businessmen again as the restrictions which are not less than Lockdown is not letting their shutters open, except essentials.

* Shri Kuldeep Rai Sharma, Member of Parliament, A&N Islands has requested the Chief Secretary, A&N Administration to allow Pharmacy Shops to open till 9 PM (night) instead of 6 PM so that the general public who face health issues may take medicines from the nearest shops as because of recent lockdown due to COVID, they are unable to go to hospitals or main bazaar for medicine after 1 PM.

* It's become difficult for health services to differentiate and identify other fevers and flues in the existence of Covid-19. Hence, many are undergoing home quarantine these days. Of course, it is for the safety of everyone, but need to arrange a facility to provide essential items to complete their quarantine period successfully.

* The Doordarshan Kendra, Port Blair will telecast a DOCTORS SPEAK Live Phone in Programme on the Topic: "Covid-19 and its Psychological Impact "on 07/05/2021, Friday from 1700 to 1800 hrs. In this programme Dr. Mitesh Behari, Consultant Psychiatrist will be the Expert. Viewers can participate in this LIVE Phone-in programme on the topic by dialing 244745 / 9476046367.

* Be alert: Wear mask properly, maintain hygiene and follow physical distancing.

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