Saturday, May 15, 2021

Citizen’s Corner 13/05/2021

* There are many intruders, by producing West Bengal's Identity cards entered into these islands as labours, and Security Agency has unchecked their return after contract and failed to send them back on time. Consequently, politically influenced people as Ex-MP, some Pradhans and Councillors helped them to arrange required Local Identity Cards to convert as islanders to strengthen their vote banks in Andaman Islands from Diglipur to Little Andaman.

* When people at ease they think about work, huge money, property, unnecessary travel, get together enjoyment, and etc. as priorities and use to ignore safety measures against COVID-19. But, once they get infected, everything will disappear from minds and only one thing will remain i.e. breathe.

* People can find some videos in YouTube to know how a COVID-19 infected patient struggles during its peak and consequence effect. The lack of seriousness towards Coronavirus and its often mutated versions can effect in anyway, so individual's self precaution is essential at this hours. Be mindful, citizens!

* Now, the security agencies woke up from its deep slumber and recalled about the Foreigner Amendment Act 2004 & 7/8 A&N Islands PAT (Amendment) Reg. 2012 all of a sudden. Obviously, this is a good symptom but, big fishes may bring security agencies back to its sleep after an over, for sure.

* Some people are carelessly making plans to travel mainland, and demanding the admin to conduct RT-PCR for their fly purpose. On the other side Coronavirus is smartly mutating itself to reach every possible human being to infect. However, some section of islanders demand to stop incoming and outgoing passenger flights until the situation come to ease.

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