Friday, May 21, 2021

Citizens’ Corner 20/05/2021

* Health Services is serving at its best now amidst COVID-19 management in the GB Pant Hospital. The Administration has makeover the health sector in a systematic pattern to provide quality treatment to the patients who are coming hospital with different diseases. General public shall have trust on doctors and health workers to overcome from their ailments.

* The current DGP efforts to bring down the bootlegging of all kinds, other cases also dealing with the iron fist and made A&N Police proud of achieving 100% success rate in heinous crime, as solved all 12 cases of heinous crime including 6 murders, 3 attempts to murder and 3 rapes cases. People wish the A&N Police to continue good tradition of 100% success in future too.

* There are many intruders, by producing West Bengal's Identity cards entered into these islands as labours, and Security Agency has unchecked their return after contract and failed to send them back on time. Consequently, politically influenced people as Ex-MP, some Pradhans and Councillors helped them to arrange required Local Identity Cards to convert as islanders to strengthen their vote banks in Andaman Islands from Diglipur to Little Andaman.

* Safe and easy status these days is to be at home only. Unnecessary travel may lead you to make sick of any kind. But, when you feel sick of any kind, then definitely check your health with doctors without the fear of anything. Similarly, apart from the physical health, people should also need to check their psychological health which is as important as physical, especially when everybody is in a kind of isolation these days.

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