Thursday, June 24, 2021

Citizens’ Corner : 03/06/2021

* It is understood that IAS & DANICS officials are ruling these A&N Islands, among them some are good and humble towards people, on the other side some are head weight officials. Anyhow, how come a powerful & aware IAS officer can take the law in his hands and brutally beat his staff who is unfortunately an Islanders. Heard, FIR is launched against an IAS officer only after the intervention of worthy DGP, A&N Police. Hope for a true justice.

* Renowned private hospitals in the city are running their business like never before, not even sparing amid pandemic in fact doubling the business with a formula "operation is success, but patient died". Of course, nobody is here to check them whether they have proper permission or not, are they eligible or not, registered under National Medical Commission or not, and nobody minds about the charge regulation for private medicals in these Islands.

* "Well-known Private Hospital in city takes Rs.17,00,000/- to treat two members of same family" information become viral in social media. The Deputy Director, G.B. Pant Hospital, Shri Amitabha De has informed that Chakraborthy Hospital is not officially entitled to treat COVID patients. The DC & DHS has issued a notice to Chakraborthy Hospital in this regard as part of investigation. GB Pant Hospital is the only entitled Hospital to test & treat COVID-19 patients in these islands till now.

* Some section of islanders demand to restrict incoming and outgoing passenger flights until the situation come to ease. Administration is not taking it seriously, but keep checking at the gateway of COVID-19 infection. Administrative Officials says, only Govt. of India can do something in this regard.

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