Thursday, June 24, 2021

Citizens’ Corner : 10/06/2021

* Administration must keep the public aware about the burning and pending issues of islands in the public interest. In an instance as a well-known Private Hospital in city takes Rs.17,00,000/- to treat two members of same family" information become viral in social media. The Deputy Director, G.B. Pant Hospital, Shri Amitabha De has informed that Chakraborthy Hospital is not officially entitled to treat COVID patients. The DC & DHS has issued a notice to Chakraborthy Hospital in this regard as part of investigation. What next??

* Renowned private hospitals in the city are running their business like never before, not even sparing amid pandemic in fact doubling the business with a formula "operation is success, but patient died". Of course, nobody is here to check them whether they have proper permission or not, are they eligible or not, registered under National Medical Commission or not, and nobody minds about the charges regulation for private medicals in these Islands.

* With the 2 hours (6 to 8 am) permission for selling and buying essential items in this lockdown. Sellers and buyers are seen engaged in a war foot manner to manage the time. We have expected some relaxation in this week's lockdown directive in view of slight decline in number of COVID cases in islands, but disappointedly same restrictions were applied. Let me sleep, have to wake up tomorrow at 5 am!

* The luckiest persons in A&N Islands are government servants, the blessed and god men have no worries of anything. Of course, some works responsibly and giving justice to their respective jobs, but rest are more blessed without any tensions.

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