Thursday, June 24, 2021

Citizens’ Corner : 24/06/2021

* Some regular PBMC workers are seen driving Autorikshaws to add more bucks in their pockets that too during duty hours and beyond. I am working in the APWD, so can I too drive any auto, taxi or cargo van, during or after duty hours? Please. So that, we can earn more and more, keeping the unemployed and poor islanders aside.

* Administration is extending lockdown by giving some more relaxations suitably according to COVID-19 situation in the A&N Islands. However, it is also the responsibility of the citizens of islands to move by following COVID Appropriate Behavior (CAB) in the permissible timing seriously. In other words we should assume the CAB as part of our routine behavior, so that we all can win the fight against any variant of Coronavirus.

* In this modern world, when everybody during lockdown keeping themselves busy with electronic gazettes to stop themselves move outside from their homes, the frequent power cuts and fluctuation by the electricity department  is damaging the electronic gazettes (TVs, Phones, Modems, Fridges, Washing Machines, and etc.) is becoming more burden for them economically.

* General public are befooled by some Private Hospitals in the islands at several occasion at large scale, and in a recent revelation, 'a well-known Private Hospital in city takes about Rs.17,00,000/- to treat a patient', as per verified information. In response, Islands' District Administration & Health Department three weeks ago has issued a notices to the said Private Hospital asking clarification within 3 days against the treatment and charges. But, seems the authorities didn't get any clarification from the said Pvt. Hospital, yet. 

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