Saturday, April 10, 2021

Citizen’s Corner 08/04/2021

* We can see many people on roads are not wearing masks properly, not following physical distancing, making crowd at markets, shops, etc. are the unique Lovers. On one hand, people in the world over are struggling to overcome from COVID-19 and get the freedom back from. On the other hand, these unique Lovers want to be in Lockdown, Containment and Isolation Zones. Beware of such "Lockdown Lovers" otherwise be ready to be in the above said Zones.

* Vaccination is started for people aged 45 and above, but some people due to fear, laziness, negligence and ignorance postponing their dose of vaccines. But, the COVID-19 virus is not as inactive as you; she can find you however and wherever you are. Just brave the vaccine then virus would not come to you anyway. 

* The GB Pant Hospital since past two months sending patients to private clinics any blood tests including blood sugar test. The mighty Directorate of Health Services instead of increasing the quality and quantity of testing equipments, seems working to create dependency on private clinics, and patients are being forced visit private clinics. No choice, No matter how hardly they earn, patients are paying for their blood test reports at private clinics these days.

* We can observe, the only successful business agency is government now. Govt. is making hike in fuel, LPG and essential items. Collecting late fees for GST without excuses and privatising all possible agencies. Of course, stepping to develop infrastructure but also need to think about the classes, which are below lower-middle, because they are in dense and struggling population in the society of India.