Saturday, May 15, 2021

Administration handling COVID-19 pandemic situation in A&N Islands at its best; People must understand their mindful role to win over any Wave of Coronavirus

TMI Bureau

Port Blair, May 12: In an overview, administration is doing its best effort to curb the pandemic in these A&N Islands, viz. restrictions were tightened; mandatory RAT tests are conducting now on incoming passengers; transhipments of essential items is uninterruptedly continued; managing the PDS stocks sufficiently; procuring Oxygen Concentrators to face future eventualities, if any; enforcement agencies made active to challan or punish the negligence by people; managing COVID-19 cases systematically; and keeping daily ground level check on COVID-19 management by DC (SA) makes all things right till now, and hope the situation will be in under control in future too.

Call of Manpower

The foremost frontline health workers in the GB Pant Hospital are working tirelessly to save the lives of islanders. Especially, the doctors, nurses and ward boys on duty are working restlessly in Male Surgical Ward-I and Female Surgical Ward-II wherein, in addition to general, Covid-19 suspected patients are also being referred to with breathing difficulty. These are the wards which require more attention with professionalism at these hours.

But, due to shortage of Ward Boys in those sensitive wards it is becoming difficult to manage despite their 100 percent tireless work, it is observed. In view of the increase in movement of jumbo size Oxygen Cylinders in the GB Pant Hospital the work pressure is also added in their works which need to be managed by hiring manpower as soon as possible to meet the desired health outcome wisely.

People need to understand

One can observe some people mindless about the Covid-19 appropriate behaviour and behave carelessly as joke or what happing around them, but sorry to reveal it is really a serious concern, it matters an individual and their contacts. People can watch on YouTube to understand the consequence of infected person and how terrible that would be. However, administration is issuing many directions time and again as "what to do and what not to do" since the pandemic started to protect oneself from getting infected. But, this time people need to adopt themselves mindfully to behave 24x7 Covid-19 appropriately to save own and loved ones lives till the pandemic get out of our land, and don't step back in extending help to each other and who are needy.

DC (SA) inspects COVID Zones; appealed general public

Port Blair, May 12: Shri Suneel Anchipaka, Deputy Commissioner (SA) along with SDM(SA), AC(S) and AC(U/T) inspected the Badmas pahad containment zone and took stock of arrangements that are in place to contain the movement of people in and out of the zone. The team inspected the arrangements in place for meeting the basic day to day requirements of the people living inside the containment zone.

The DC(SA) along with other officials distributed ration to the labourers and daily wage earners in the Badmas pahad containment zone as an immediate relief to the daily wage earners.

The team of officials led by DC(SA) also visited the Forest Training School hostel, which has been converted into a Covid Care Centre at Wimberley Gunj, where 19 COVID positive/suspect patients are admitted. Taking stock of the situation at the Centre,he interacted with the Doctor, paramedical and support staff. He inquired about the well-being of the patients and the issues faced by them.

The DC(SA) was satisfied with the coordinated efforts of doctors and medical staff in carrying out such tremendous work on the field. He also lauded the overall arrangements being in place in the Centre for the welfare of the patients. Director (Health Services) accompanied DC(SA) on his visit to the Centre.

Later the team visited the Community Health Centre at Bambooflat and interacted with the Doctor In-charge of the CHC and inquired about the status of vaccination, ILI/SARI cases, Home quarantine, surveillance by field staff, ASHA and ANM workers. The DC(SA) further directed them to complete 100% vaccination of all persons above 45 in their area while following strict guidelines issued by GOI.

Further DC(SA) appealed to the general public that since Ramzan fasting is going to end tomorrow, people who have not taken vaccine should immediately take the vaccine and provide shield to the community in the fight against Covid-19.

DC(SA) further appealed general public for their support and co-operation in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

Administration will leave no stone unturned to contain the spread of the disease: Secretary, IP&T

Port Blair, May 12: The Secretary, IP&T, Shri Sunil Kumar Singh while addressing a COVID-19 media briefing in the conference hall of IP&T today, informed that the second dose of vaccination programme for the eligible persons above 45 years of age will commence from tomorrow (May 13). The vaccination will be done in all the 30 vaccination centres and all the 85 teams which were constituted earlier will be deputed for vaccination purpose, he said adding that for 18+ the vaccine has not yet arrived and it will be intimated as soon as the vaccine reaches here.

The Secretary informed that 3 flights with 259 passengers arrived today and during the Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) conducted on these passengers, 5 were found positive. He further informed that 99 persons bound for Middle & North Andaman were tested at Ferrargunj of which 8 persons were found positive. Informing that the positives cases are more among the people who are moving to inter- Islands as seen for more than a week now, the Secretary urged for limiting their movement and travel only in urgent situation.     

The Secretary further informed that a total of 100 Oxygen Concentrators provided by Govt. of India has already reached Port Blair in two batches. He further disclosed that another 125 Oxygen Concentrators provided by an organization will be reaching Port Blair in a day or two. The Secretary said the Administration is strengthening its infrastructure facilities to deal with COVID emergent situations, if any. "We are in a better position as of now when compared to other parts of the Country in dealing COVID and the Administration will leave no stone unturned to contain the spread of the disease", he said.

The Director Health Services, Dr. Omkar Singh informed that apart from the available Oxygen Concentrators, the Administration has further ordered for more Oxygen Concentrators through GEM. Oxygen Concentrators will be procured phase-wise and in the first phase 1500 has been ordered and another 1500 Oxygen Concentrators will be purchased as per the need, the DHS said. He said 85 percent people recover from COVID on their own, 15 percent people need oxygen support and only 5 percent people who become serious, needs ventilator support. Those who are on oxygen support, require it for a longer duration for their recovery. For such patients, the Oxygen Concentrators are found to be very beneficial. Oxygen concentrators are devices that help concentrate oxygen from the ambient air by removing nitrogen and delivering pure oxygen to individuals. This small Oxygen Concentrators can be operated through battery as well as power and it can be used at homes too. He said the Administration procured 250 Oxygen Concentrators before the start of COVID and in another two days, the availability of Oxygen Concentrators in A&N Islands will go up to 475. The DHS further stated that all out efforts from all corners is being made to further strengthen the Health institutions with all required medical facilities to deal with COVID related eventuality. "Have faith in doctors treating the person, he said adding that it is the best medicine. He further stated that if a person is facing difficulty in breathing, he should immediately rush to hospital for proper medical care.

The Deputy Director, G.B. Pant Hospital, Shri Amitabha De informed that the number of new corona positive patients admitted in the G. B Pant Hospital today is 20. He said, 9 patients were discharged and at present 98 are admitted in the Hospital of which 61 are on Oxygen support and 3 patients are on ventilator. He further disclosed that altogether, 6 COVID patients were admitted in Covid Care Centres.

Further, 2 patients were discharged and at present 51 patients are still in Covid Care Centres in South Andaman District, the Deputy Director added.

Citizen’s Corner 13/05/2021

* There are many intruders, by producing West Bengal's Identity cards entered into these islands as labours, and Security Agency has unchecked their return after contract and failed to send them back on time. Consequently, politically influenced people as Ex-MP, some Pradhans and Councillors helped them to arrange required Local Identity Cards to convert as islanders to strengthen their vote banks in Andaman Islands from Diglipur to Little Andaman.

* When people at ease they think about work, huge money, property, unnecessary travel, get together enjoyment, and etc. as priorities and use to ignore safety measures against COVID-19. But, once they get infected, everything will disappear from minds and only one thing will remain i.e. breathe.

* People can find some videos in YouTube to know how a COVID-19 infected patient struggles during its peak and consequence effect. The lack of seriousness towards Coronavirus and its often mutated versions can effect in anyway, so individual's self precaution is essential at this hours. Be mindful, citizens!

* Now, the security agencies woke up from its deep slumber and recalled about the Foreigner Amendment Act 2004 & 7/8 A&N Islands PAT (Amendment) Reg. 2012 all of a sudden. Obviously, this is a good symptom but, big fishes may bring security agencies back to its sleep after an over, for sure.

* Some people are carelessly making plans to travel mainland, and demanding the admin to conduct RT-PCR for their fly purpose. On the other side Coronavirus is smartly mutating itself to reach every possible human being to infect. However, some section of islanders demand to stop incoming and outgoing passenger flights until the situation come to ease.

Citizen’s Corner 06/05/2021

 * Even after many initiatives taken since initial stage to put control in surge of Covid-19 cases by the administration, finally the situation come to affect the businessmen again as the restrictions which are not less than Lockdown is not letting their shutters open, except essentials.

* Shri Kuldeep Rai Sharma, Member of Parliament, A&N Islands has requested the Chief Secretary, A&N Administration to allow Pharmacy Shops to open till 9 PM (night) instead of 6 PM so that the general public who face health issues may take medicines from the nearest shops as because of recent lockdown due to COVID, they are unable to go to hospitals or main bazaar for medicine after 1 PM.

* It's become difficult for health services to differentiate and identify other fevers and flues in the existence of Covid-19. Hence, many are undergoing home quarantine these days. Of course, it is for the safety of everyone, but need to arrange a facility to provide essential items to complete their quarantine period successfully.

* The Doordarshan Kendra, Port Blair will telecast a DOCTORS SPEAK Live Phone in Programme on the Topic: "Covid-19 and its Psychological Impact "on 07/05/2021, Friday from 1700 to 1800 hrs. In this programme Dr. Mitesh Behari, Consultant Psychiatrist will be the Expert. Viewers can participate in this LIVE Phone-in programme on the topic by dialing 244745 / 9476046367.

* Be alert: Wear mask properly, maintain hygiene and follow physical distancing.