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Citizens' Corner

Citizens’ Corner : 13/04/2023

* Stealing a 12KL to 40KL from pond, a gallon from drum, a glass from pot become ignorable act for the authority and letting do it is called corruption, when the pond, drum or pot belongs to public provided by the Govt. of India. What if, some drops given to authority in a hidden way for keep quiet?

* During the Trade Bundh, even the small vendors also supported and get their business closed on 12 April, 2023. Had if they do for in support of any social justice and general public benefit cause, the Islands would definitely reach to the next level of development under tag line "Sabka Saat - Sabka Vikas".

* Govt. Officials should learn from Chanakya's (Indian Teacher) personal law that, 'Ministry's Money shall not be used for personal works and personal money shall not be used for Ministry's works'. But, practice of leaving no stone of Govt. is going on in the system is prevailing and required to be rectified.

* GoI is doing its best in making system transparent, accountable and democratic. But, the greedy personals making ways to bend the parameters up to the extent of they want in the presence of corrupt personals.

* Tourism and Fishing Sector in Islands have a lot of scope and GoI is also focussing on it only to upgrade and generate economy through it. On the other hand, the Islanders being in an isolated state by their origin lacked modern skills, techniques and professionalism in these islands. It would be better if proper training shall be given to make them ready to contribute or become part of the development.

Citizens’ Corner : 06/04/2023

* This is high time for the Islander youths to think apart from government jobs. Skills, techniques and professionalism become necessary to survive in these A&N Islands. Otherwise, they have to become slaves under big shots in the economic race.

* Tourism and Fishing Sector in Islands have a lot of scope and GoI is also focusing on it only to upgrade and generate economy through it. On the other hand, the Islanders being in an isolated state by their origin lacked modern skills, techniques and professionalism in these islands. It would be better if proper training shall be given to make them ready to contribute or become part of the development. 

* Everything is Ok, but water curtailment due to shortage of water has become a matter of concern for citizens in South Andaman. Seeing all human and engineering efforts in the name of crores worth water projects, people ultimately kept only hope on the Rain God who sends monsoon every year free of cost for the welfare of all beings on earth.

* Communication gap between two leads breakup in relationship, likewise communication gap between administration and people will lapse the system of “Of the people, by the people and for the people”. Of course, Islanders would not be able to taste democracy until and unless the establishment of the Pradesh Council in Andaman.

* Some unconvinced terms mostly used by the Administration is “xyz can accept or reject any tender without assigning any reason”, “due to administrative reasons”, and more such. So the islanders have gradually lost the ability of reasoning and the answers are extinct.

Citizens’ Corner : 30/03/2023

* The Govt. has everything like authority, administration, wealth, machineries, materials and technology. But, there is an acute dearth of honest and trustworthy personalities in the system to reach the required stature. Thus far, no process is available to check or test individuals to choose / select honest candidates to assign a work of any degree.

* We can observe that the new generation today are becoming unaware and lacking proper understanding of Epics of Ancient India and attracted to some unauthentic materials available in Social Media Platforms. Consequently, the youths / citizens of the country go astray and lose their strength in life. This is the high responsibility of masters of the epics; they should come forward to educate youths / citizens to clear their pathways in life for a healthy society.

* At some spots narrow roads become hurdle for Fire Brigade Service to perform their duty; At some cases ignorance and lack of attention becomes cause of death of patients at Health Services; At some cases greed and crave after money leads misplacement of village map, encroaching of lands and ignoring illegal structures become duty of official in Revenue Department.

* Festival and ritual celebrations irrespective of any religion becomes safe only after deputing cops from the Police Department which ensures safety during the entire process of observance. Thanks to the Police Cops for being on duty as a protective arm of the celebrations.

* People should learn something from Idles, which are standing roadside at many places as a mark of difference between THEM and US.

Citizens’ Corner: 16/03/2023

* After spending thousands of crore rupees on unproductive officials/ engineers and improper machines for better electricity supply. Now the Administration announces strict measures to deal with power crisis in South Andaman areas, it will also create awareness among workers and co-workers in firms and offices on energy saving tips and firmly ensure compliance of all possible power saving methods.

* After completion of Rutland water project worth crores and ensuring no more water crisis in South Andaman. There is an acute shortage of water supply from PWD to PBMC and decided to curtail water supply to once in three days. PBMC is closely monitoring all tap connections and storage facilities and in case of wastage of water, strict action will be taken such as disconnection of water tap connection. Teams have been constituted by PBMC to constantly monitor and keep a vigil on water wastage.

* Tragedy continued in front of Brichgunj School as an eight-year-old girl lost her life. The accident took place near Middle school at Brichgunj around 8:15 AM on March 13, when a private truck collided with a motorcycle carrying a father and his three minor children who were on their way to school. Residents of Brichgunj have been demanding the suspension of all six and ten-wheeler trucks on the road, citing recent major accidents involving heavy trucks loaded with quarry materials. Despite their repeated requests to the Andaman administration and the police department, no action has been taken to address the issue, the residents allege.

* The Lt Governor, A&N Islands, Admiral (Retd.) DK Joshi, and Vice-Chairman, Islands Development Agency along with Chief Secretary, A&N Administration Shri Keshav Chandra, Chief of Staff, A&N Command, other Senior Officers of A&N Administration, Police, & Forest reviewed the presentation made by Department of Sports & Youth Affairs, Directorate of Education on preparedness for conduct of 1.6 Km NSCB Open Sea Swimming Competition to be held on 18th March 2023 from Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Dweep to Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex, Aberdeen Jetty, Port Blair as part of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav.

Citizens' Corner : 09/03/2023

* The drivers of the STS e-Buses become experts these days. The other less size vehicles' drivers in city are now seen afraid of driving in the busy traffic and congested road, but the jumbo STS e-buses with less sounded horn are passing like silent air without noise speedily. Gaining expertise in driving is good but misfortune comes calmly and difficult to avert it. Be Alert! 

* Administration is raising hopes among encroachers by providing electricity and water connections pretending as an essential need of human beings. But, when it comes to eviction, the same hope reverts back upon Administration in the shape of Court Cases file by encroachers. On the other hand, the encroachers also approach their so-called saviors 'Politicians' and will make ways to continue occupation at any cost. That is how easy to grab a piece of land in Andaman only.

* LPG cylinder is always seen in demand, people by maintaining long queues through proper channel are getting LPG cylinders @1179/- that too, after waiting more than one or two months at some areas. But, in Black one can get the LPG cylinders on same day without queues and apart from demand @1600/-. So, people become more dependent on Black than the Authority.

* West Bengal becomes shelter for Bangladeshies, and A&N Islands become shelter for every Indian and Bangladeshies. As per 2011 census population in A&N Islands was 3,80,581 and the 2021 Census of India, also the 16th Indian Census, has been postponed till October 2023. However, it is mentioned 4,34,192 population as on 2022 according to Wikipedia, but actual figure yet to be decided by authority.

Citizens’ Corner : 02/03/2023

* Revenue Department is receiving Land Revenue from tenants, but they didn’t have a map for the village. Tenants in the Bimblitan village are in possession of one another and fighting for territory. Patwari, Revenue Inspector and Chaudhury say the map was lost. Demarcation is impossible and Resurvey is needed to find out actually whose plot is beside whom. Till then, the dispute continues...

* Narrow paths in cities are the curse for Smart City projects in India. In our islands, there are many existing colonies/ basthies in Port Blair city having narrow paths, just because of the expansion of either side houses by some so-called old encroachment structures. But, when it comes to the path for about 50 individual houses, it has to be vacated and allotted for the path. But, the local administration here is dreaming for Smart City and ignoring the Smart deeds.

* It is good that tender wise road renovation works are carried out in the city on the basis of shining the shine, but it would be better if work according to necessity. As a part of the road from Dairy Farm Junction to Dairy Farm Ganesh Temple is in a very bad condition since last rain, motorists’ organs are churning inside their bodies while passing through the road. So, the priority of the work should be upon the necessity and not upon the formality.

* There are so many single days we humans observe yearly as World Water Day, Earth Day, Greenery Day, World Biodiversity Day, World Environment Day, Global Wind Day, World Population Day, and more. But why can’t we be conscious about those days every day? Subsequently, the ignorance in the rest of the days makes way for global warming.

Citizens’ Corner : 23/02/2023

* Electricity Department in South Andaman is not providing proper electricity to its consumers but charging very high bills since past few years. Don't know, where all the engineers working at? Where all the diesel fuel goes on? Despite of Solar Energy support don't know where all the power goes on? Ultimately, consumers face power fluctuations all day and night unbearable times and damage of electronic appliances such as computers, lights, fans, mixers, grinders, fridges, and more.

* Govt. Servants are the real God's men especially the bureaucrats. They get 24x7 power supply; departmental electric cars for them and their family members; highly that too timely salaries; 5 to 10 free workmen for their household works; anytime - anywhere in Andaman free tour packages for their family members by any means, and etc. enjoyments.

* What would happen if every individual Govt. Officer did his/her duty judicially in Andaman and Nicobar Administration? May be unrealistic to happen, but educational institutes like DBRAIT are not able to run with irregularities; consumers can get uninterrupted power supply; corruption could not prevail in government/ public works; quality production would improve. Then only, the people in general could think at next level and innovate something new. But…

* People become fools after using smart phones, many fools even don't remember their own mobile numbers, but smartly used to ask the other person that, 'tell me your number, I will give u missed call'. Some other fools are forgot the spellings of 'THIS, THAT. Of course, they are smart phone owners and saving time smartly.

Citizens’ Corner : 16/02/2023

* Happening of geological changes in earth is a natural phenomenon, but problem is then, when humans making changes on earth. Due to which, the cycle of changes become multiply and the disaster which supposed to come after 50 years will be happening today or may be tomorrow.

* May be the highly moneyed people can purchase plots in another earth likely planet and store their wealth there to construct companies and rule the planet for generations. What about this planet people?

* Looking at the buildings in the city upon encroached lands, the Revenue officials often ignore the law of land and become admire of beautiful structures constructed by violating all the laws in Andaman. The Revenue Officials being working in the Revenue Authority knows well about the details of vacant land are used to occupy vast areas at different places in these Islands.

* What would happen if every individual Govt. Officer did his/her duty judicially in Andaman and Nicobar Administration? May be unrealistic to happen, but educational institutes like DBRAIT are not able to run with irregularities; consumers can get uninterrupted power supply; corruption could not prevail in government/ public works; quality production would improve. Then only, the people in general could think at next level and innovate something new. But…

* "Show me the person I will decide what to do". Is the A&N Police working that style? As they can do anything they want? A&N Police expertise in imposing challans, better send them all over India to generate more revenue for Police Department from general public.


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