Thursday, May 16, 2019

“ANIIMS creates confusion in treatment in GB Pant Hospital”, “Medical equipments under dilapidation” - citizen demands refinement

TMI Correspondent
Port Blair, May 15: The mighty sanatorium of A&N Islands 'GB Pant Hospital, Port Blair' is running hopelessly these days.
Sharing an experience with this correspondent, citizens have narrated their dismay over GB Pant Hospital during the course of treatment of their relatives. "Queues are common sight in the hospital from taking OPD slip to the medication, the entire process is become a challenge for patient since long, and of course, recently have started preferring patients to consult the doctors depending upon emergencies and illnesses. It is also observed that the when they find any case of urgency, the doctors come to a confusion as, who will look after the case? among many junior or senior doctors, as they are left upto their choice like headless", "many times doctors are not found in their seats or chambers and nurses manages to say 'doctors not available' don't know when he will come", said some residents Dollygunj. "But, nepotism is at high, especially consulting doctors, entry and medicine issue counters", they added.
"Govt. has investing crores of rupees on health sector in the islands to provide better treatment and facilities to the patients, but the equipment as life-supporting vehicle, MRI machine, surgery related equipment are always found under disrepair, and sending private clinics to make a diagnosis, even patients referred to MIOT for treatments under scheme is also found advised to go again to MIOT for after surgery needs, which can be done here in GB Pant, if all equipments and doctors would work together. But, in vain, poor patients who gone through some surgeries in referred hospital at Chennai have been forced to revisit Chennai for after surgery requirements".

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