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Is the Prime Minister's blessing being turned into a curse by the R&E officials in the A&N Administration? : Aspirants suspect that malpractice took place in the combined final list of candidates selected for various posts under the A&N Administration

  TMI Correspondent Port Blair, Feb. 07: As a result of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi's commitment and announcement of the "Rozgar Mela," a drive to recruit 10 lakh personnel in government and PSUs, all Ministries and Departments are working towards filling existing vacancies against sanctioned posts in Mission Mode. For expeditious recruitment, selection processes have also been simplified and made tech-enabled. This provides a golden opportunity for every unemployed youth in our country to secure a government job. In the A&N Islands too, eligible unemployed youths seized this opportunity as a godsend after COVID-19 despite the age-barring situation. Accordingly, many in these islands secured government jobs during the Rozgar Mela, with full credit going to the Honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi. However, the officials responsible for conducting recruitment, examinations, and issuing appointment orders must do so with clean hands. Otherwise, dese

PBMC has started issuing Do's and Don'ts to conserve water as summer approaches

Port Blair, Feb. 07: The Port Blair Municipal Council (PBMC) has urged the citizens to conserve water. As the summer season approaches, with increasing demand and fixed supply of water, conservation is crucial to the sustainable growth and development of the city. With an average high temperature around 28ÂșC and humidity over 80% in the summer months, water usage tends to increase significantly during this time of year in Port Blair. PBMC has requested all citizens and commercial establishments to be mindful of their water usages over the coming months and take measures to reduce waste. Simple steps like turning off the tap when not in use, limiting shower times and avoiding pre-rinsing dishes can make a big difference in conserving our limited fresh water resources. All citizens and visitors to Port Blair have been urged to do their part to save water. Let's work together in conserving the precious resources by adopting the Do's and Don't given below: Do's 1. When it r

Press Freedom Threatened: Attack on Reporters Sends Shockwaves in the A & N Islands

  In a disturbing turn of events, the recent assault on journalists Mr. J Boby and Mr. Shahdev in the Rangat has sent shockwaves through the entire civil society in A & N Islands. The attack, stemming from their investigation into the illegal sale of liquor within close proximity to the Rangat Police Station, is not merely an assault on two reporters but an ominous threat to the very pillars of our society. The media, often referred to as the fourth pillar of democracy, plays a vital role in upholding the principles of democracy, freedom, justice, and transparency. So, the attack on these reporters should not be isolated as an individual incident; it represents a direct assault on our collective values and the democratic fabric of our society. The assailants, by taking the law into their own hands, have undermined the foundation of justice and individual liberty. It is disheartening to note that such an incident occurred within the vicinity of a police station, raising questions

Explosive materials seized in connection with PS CCS case disposed off: CID Press Release says

Port Blair, Jan 31: On 27th January 2024, a significant milestone was achieved in the disposal of explosive materials related to the cases of PS CCS. A total of around 3000 electric detonators, 2000 Gelatine sticks, and one bundle of connecting lining wire were successfully disposed off at the Brookshabad dumping area. This operation was conducted in the presence of Deputy Controller of Explosives, Kolkata, following the necessary disposal order from the Hon'ble Court. This disposal marks the conclusion of explosive material seized in six different cases handled by PS CCS. The entire operation was executed with utmost precision and adherence to legal procedures, ensuring public safety and compliance with regulatory standards. The disposal event signifies the dedication and collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies, the Hon'ble Court, and the Deputy Controller of Explosives in ensuring the safe and lawful disposal of seized explosive materials, a press release said.

Pran Prathista Utsav at historic Ayodhya Ram Temple celebrated in A&N Islands befittingly

Port Blair, Jan 24: The consecration of Sree Ram at Ayodhya was celebrated all over India and the world including Andaman & Nicobar Islands as a festival with pooja, havan, bhog and rallies with the jaykara of Jai Sri Ram on 22nd January 2024. The Poojith Akshath Kalash from Ram Janmabhoomi Theerth Kshethra Trust, Ayodhya received on 9th December 2023 brought by Mr. Rama Pada Paul, Kshethriya Pracharak, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. The Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Teertha Kshethra Committee of Andaman & Nicobar Islands distributed more than 82000 Akshath to the door to door of Sanatani in which more than 948 karyakartha / Ram Bhakth involved for the packing of Akshath in which majority of Female devotees came forward for the cause at Ram Mandir Janmabhoomi Theerth Kshethra Karyalaya, Seva Bharati. The distribution of Akshath from Diglipur to Campbell Bay were carried out with the assistance of more than 3150 karyakartha to reach to the Ram Bhakth. In these Islands around 380 temples w

Citizens alarmed by disruptive road dividers between Lamba Line Petrol Pump to VSI Airport Exit Gate

  TMI Correspondent Port Blair, Jan 17: The width of the ATR/NH-4 road, spanning from its inception to its termination, has come under scrutiny due to its unevenness, particularly within the densely trafficked city areas. The installation of road dividers has emerged as a cause for concern, particularly in the context of emergency services. The placement of road dividers along the ATR, also known as NH-4, from Lamba Line Petrol Pump to the VSI Airport exit gate is impeding traffic flow. The width of the road in these segments is already insufficient and uneven, and the addition of RCC road dividers is exacerbating congestion, leading to frequent jams. A concerned citizen remarked, "After the installation of road dividers, two cars are unable to pass simultaneously. During the arrival of flights and school hours, it takes 25 to 45 minutes to traverse this stretch of road." Another citizen highlighted potential challenges during emergencies, stating, "During fire a

Significant improvement in the power situation in the Islands has been made: CS

Port Blair, Jan 17: Chief Secretary, A&N Administration, closely monitors the power situation of A&N Islands by taking a Review Meeting of senior officers of Electricity Department every Monday of the week. Significant improvement in the power situation in the Islands has been made. (1)          10 MW generation capacity at Bambooflat has been added in grid during October, 2023 to cater to peak demand as a result of which is no load shedding at present. (2)          Subsequently, for redundancy in generation system, another 5 MW capacity is expected in next fortnight. This will meet any upcoming peak demand and avoid any power crisis in future. (3)          Apart from this, Relay Coordination work (time and current settings of relays) among all power houses and stations at Port Blair was taken up through outsourced agency restricting faults to travel in power stations to avoid shut down / collapse of grid in the event of feeders and tie line faults. (4)          Transmi