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Old semi-RCC double storey residential house engulfed in flames at School Line; Swift response by firefighters prevents further damage; no reported casualties

TMI Correspondent Port Blair, July 12: In a frightening incident that unfolded today at late evening, a major fire broke out in an old residential house located in the School Line area, sending shockwaves among the citizens. Thanks to the prompt action of the local fire department, the blaze was brought under control, averting further destruction and potential loss of life. Emergency medical services were on standby, ready to provide assistance if needed, but fortunately, there were no injuries reported in connection with the incident. Witnesses described the scene as chaotic and terrifying, with the crackling of flames and the sound of breaking an LPG Cylinder echoing through the neighborhood. Concerned residents gathered outside, their faces filled with worry for the occupants of the burning house. As per sources, the fire erupted between 6.30 and 7.00 pm today, causing thick plumes of smoke to billow into the sky, as flames engulfed the old semi-RCC double storey residential b

11 foreign poachers with 3 engine dinghies apprehended by N&M Andaman Police

Kalighat, July 12: Poaching by Foreigners in the Islands territories is one of the major challenge for the Police in North and Middle Andaman District. Foreign Poachers from Myanmar are coming to collect sea wealth from A&N islands which have immense value in international market. On receiving intelligence inputs regarding presence of foreign poachers' near Loha Tikery on various dated i.e. 07, 10 & 11 July, 2023 reacting swiftly, the police teams consisting of Insp. Anirudra Mondal, HC/ Khokan Das & Cts Rajkamal, Vikash, Gopal, Ganeshwar and HG Gautam Saha, HC/ Santosh Nair & Cts Bushaih, Devraj Nair was formed to conduct various Anti-poaching operations. The teams noticed poachers' movement in the mid-night and immediately jumped into action and tried to stop the poachers, but they did not stop and tried to escape into dense mangroves. The courageous Police team chased them and apprehended 11 Myanmar poachers along with their engine dinghy containing large q