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Guru Purnima observed at Chinmaya Mission enthusiastically; Chinmaya Yuva Kendra reinstated

TMI Correspondent Port Blair, July 02: Guru Purnima has significance in Indian history, Maharishi Ved Vyasa, the great figure from the mythological period who authored remarkable works such as the Brahma Sutra, Mahabharata, and the 18 Puranas, was born on the full moon day of Ashadha. On this day, not only the guru but also anyone elder to you in the family should be considered a guru. By receiving the blessings of a guru, one is believed to attain a good life and prosperity. This day is also auspicious for receiving deeksha from a guru. Accordingly, Guru Purnima is observed at Chinmaya Mission enthusiastically, after lighting the traditional lamp, children actively performed bhajans, keerthans and chanted mantras during the entire observance of auspicious Guru Purnima celebration and took the blessings of Guru. Speaking on the occasion Swami Shuddananda Saraswati (Guruji at Chinmaya Mission) said, “Guru Purnima is on July 03, 2023, however, according to the suggestion of devotees

“Upanayana Sanskar” successfully held at Chinmaya Mission

TMI Correspondent Port Blair, June 14: First time in the Andaman Islands 'Samoohik Upanayana Sanskar' (Thread ceremony) is organised at Chinmaya Mission, Port Blair on 14 June 2023. Children and youths of age group 8 years to 24 years have joined the auspicious thread ceremony, during the entire three days ceremony students have to be stayed at Chinmaya Mission, lodging and boarding was also arranged by the Mission. As per the Swami Shuddhananda Saraswati, Guruji at Chinmaya Mission, "Upanayana Sanskar holds high significance in Hinduism. It is one of the major sanskar amongst the 16 mentioned in the Shastras. This Sanskar is meant for the boy to develop a code of conduct towards everyday life and imbibe the knowledge essential to it. This Yagnopavit gives long age and provides great and bright character and gives Tej and Force, over all one could become contained with all these qualities". "In the modern era, youths are attracted towards modern gadgets and

Like every year, low lying area of Smart City finds itself submerged in rainwater; Citizens have witnessed drain blockades, floods into shops and vehicles stuck in water-logs as a report card of Smart City Port Blair

Port Blair, June 7: Despite efforts made by the Port Blair Municipal Council, the issue of waterlogging  continues to plague the area almost every year, with citizens raising concern about the city's transformation into a smart city. This year too, a major area of the heart of the city Mohanpura & Aberdeen found itself submerged in rainwater due to water-logging after heavy rain of pre-monsoon. The Port Blair Municipal Council and A&N Administration have been making plans and working tirelessly to earn a title of Smart City for Port Blair. But, the citizens have been shocked by the recent rainfall, which revealed the ground reality of the Smart City project and its works. Citizens say, the officials are preferred to manage by saying an obvious excuse that, "The reason behind the flood like situation and water-logging is heavy rainfall and high tide", but we unable to believe that is completely true. Many shopkeepers at Gandhi Market, Aberdeen and Mohanpura marke

A&N Islands are rich with water resources; If properly managed, we could export water to mainland, even to other countries: MP

TMI Bureau Port Blair, May 10: Climatically, the rainy season happens twice a year under the influence of Southwest monsoon in mid-May to September, and Northeast monsoon in November to January. During those monsoons A&N Islands used to get medium to heavy rain every year. Only the original islanders of A&N Islands are aware about the fact as they witnessed during their birth and brought up in these Islands. But, due to climate change, pollution and rise in deforestation, earth cutting islands get reduced rainfall year by year for the first time in a decade. Consequently, people today are facing long curtailment of 7 days at some localities in supply of water in South Andaman. Apart from monsoons rainfall, these Islands have rich water resources such as rivers, lakes, waterfalls, rivers, ponds and wells at several and every part of these Islands at Kalpong river at Digipur, Galthiya river at Campbell Bay, lakes at Panchavati Rangat, Ograbraj, Burmanallah, Teylorabad, Bimbli

No need to panic, use water very judicially: Mr. Nikhil; ‘Steps are being taken to tackle water crisis like every year’

TMI Correspondent Port Blair, May 03: "Receiving half rainfall in the last year, less rainfall in Northeast monsoon (November to January), long summer season and delay in Southwest monsoon (May to September) are the major reasons for this water crisis situation in today in A&N Islands", said Mr. Nikhil Kumar, Commissioner-cum-Secretary (APWD) at a press-meet at Secretariat on May 02, 2023. Shortage of water is a recurrent issue in Islands during summer season. As the Islands face a water crisis, the administration's only hope is the rain God. But the administration never shy away in making tall claims in regard to short-term and long term measures which normally remains on paper once the rain God showers its blessing. This has been happening for the past many decades and most likely to continue in future also. Mr. Nikhil Kumar while interacting with media persons said that the UT administration is fully aware and alive to the water situation and about the proble

Visible water leakage in all seasons

  TMI Correspondent Port Blair, May 03: A leakage seen at Dairy Farm Junction connected to Vijay Baugh, one can see leaked water flowing onto road at various occasions. It seems a major pipeline developed slight damage due to which leaked water coming onto the road by damaging the road. That is not only at this particular spot, but also at Golghar junction, school line roads and other locations one can observe similar leakages of water on the roads at this water sucking summer. Despite the road resurfacing works yearly twice or thrice, those leakages can be seen at every summer season. However, the engineers could estimate the volume of water wastage if that is visible and measurable such as open water taps, tap leakage and surfaced water pipelines. But, it would be difficult to estimate the volume of water wastage in the matter of underground pipeline leakage. The underground major water pipe lines were laid many decades ago and maintenance and inspection of such pipelines sho