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Man rescued from suicide at Junglighat by quick and courageous response personnel

Port Blair, July 05: A man's life was saved after he allegedly attempted suicide by trying to jump off from the second floor of a building at Deen Street, Junglighat. The incident occurred yesterday morning at around 9:30 AM and was reported to the police control room by local residents. Upon receiving the distress call, a team comprising personnel from the Aberdeen PS, Head Quarter Fire Brigade and IRBn rushed to the scene. The man had climbed onto the second floor and positioned himself on the balcony, preparing to jump. The Police and Fire Brigade personnel engaged in an hour-long negotiation with the man, trying to persuade him to step back from the edge. However, the man appeared aggressive and determined to jump. At a critical moment, when he attempted to leap off the building, the vigilant fire brigade and police team swiftly intervened and rescued him from the perilous situation. The man, who is reportedly under some psychological treatment for his mental health conditions,

The ignored violations in Smart City (Municipal) area

Junglighat is a prime location for tuition centres in Port Blair which is also known for lengthy and heavy traffic jam area in the evening hours daily. Hundreds of students are passing through footpath every day, how risky it would be, if the students walk on those roads instead of footpaths. The owner of Classic Traders has blocked the footpath area and forces the pedestrians to walk on roads.   One could observe, the owner of newly established Toyota Showroom at Garacharma left no space for pedestrians to walk at a safe side of the road but forced to walk on the heavy traffic road by putting lives of pedestrians at risk. PBMC is keeping a blind eye on various violations committed by the owner of the structure. Who will take the responsibility? Who will release the ex-gratia relief, if any accident occurs? Is the common man’s life that cheaper?