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Land grabbers are at rise in Andaman

  TMI Bureau Port Blair, Mar 01: The Andaman & Nicobar Islands' soil seems to no longer remain for Settlers, Pre-42 and sons of the soil. Intruders, land grabbers and refugees continue encroachments up to the peak and the original locals remain landless. The zero-tolerant Revenue Authority patted its own back by changing the value of "Zero", which was invented by Aryabhatta in the 5th Century. The people in A&N Islands were relaxed by reading press releases since many years publishing in the trustful "The Daily Telegrams" said, "The A&N Administration does not, shall not and will not tolerate encroachments in A&N Islands. Indulgence in such illegal practice shall be dealt with strictly and the general public have been urged to desist from committing such acts. Showing zero tolerance towards such activities, the District Administration carried out an eviction drive against encroachments on Govt. land at .....". But, one could see now

Public money wasted on FST Plant; nothing useful produces out of it; Nobody cares

  TMI Correspondent Port Blair, Feb 15: Prominent citizens claim that, "the FST Plant is non-operational since many months. The 42 KLD Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant at Brookshabad is manufactured by D.D. Builders, Infrastructure Service, accordingly the machine should be under AMC and the PBMC should ask the supplier to send some Engineers to rectify it, but due to internal nexus between D.D. Builders and PMC nobody knows what exactly going on and how they are managing the superior officials". Objective Faecal Sludge Management is necessary in densely populated areas where a proportion of the population is not connected to a sewerage network and the covering and rebuilding of the pit latrines is not possible. In Port Blair city, every household & institutions are having septic tanks as primary treatment unit, which has a time bound capacity to process night soil/ human excreta depending upon the capacity of the tank and its users. As an end result, these septic tank

One man show plays in PBMC; Councilor of Ward No.4 made Powerless

  TMI Correspondent Port Blair, Feb 15: PBMC Councillor Ward No.4, Shri Abdul Islam has highlighted some issues in the social media regarding his helplessness as Councillor. In the video on Feb 02, he has revealed his hardships to work as Councillor of Ward No. 4. He said, there is an acute shortage of Sanitary Inspectors and Sanitary Staffs in the Port Blair Municipal Council, Port Blair due to which proper sanitization becoming tough in the ward and as per sources, the Superintendent Engineer, PBMC also directed the Sanitary Inspectors not to work in Ward No.4, he said. It is observed that, many mazdoor workers in PBMC in duty hours are used to working in the houses of PBMC Officers, Supervisors and Sr. Inspectors, everyday and all these things are managed by the Superintendent of Engineer. In this democratic system the public representatives are not allowed to work and provide service to the public, the Superintendent of Engineer becomes the only authority in the PBMC for every