Thursday, August 22, 2019

Stop opening liquor outlets: LA villagers

Hut Bay, Aug 21: Villagers of Rabindranagar and Vivekanandnagar in Little Andaman have raised strong objection to opening of liquor outlets in the region on August 20, 2019. At a meeting held in July this year, the villagers called for the intervention of the Prime Minister, Home Minister as also senior officials of the administration through a letter to stop issue of permits to operate liquor trade in the remote villages.
'Rabindranagar and Vivekanandnagar are remote villages in Little Andaman and opening of liquor Bars will have an adverse impact on school students and women in the region. Teenagers particularly in the age-group of 13-16 years will be the most affected as they may get into alcohol addiction. Besides, affecting our culture and tradition, easy availability of liquor will also have an effect on the Onge tribe here, who often visit Hut Bay for healthcare and other needs', mentioned villagers in the letter.

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