Thursday, January 30, 2020

Remarkable reduction in the number of AIDS patients in Islands ; Awareness is prevention: Dr. M. Joy

TMI Bureau
Port Blair, Jan 29: The Andaman & Nicobar AIDS Control Society in coordination with various departments and education institutions in the A&N Islands have achieved a decrease in number of AIDS cases in A&N Islands. Last year i.e. in 2018-19, 28 patients and during this financial year 2019-20, 19 cases so far were reported, which is a remarkable decrease in number of cases in the A&N Islands.
During an interaction with Dr. M. Joy, Project Director, ANACS and Director, A&N State Blood Transfusion Council, have revealed about the current status of HIV/ AIDS in the A&N Islands.
Dr. M. Joy said that, "the world medical science did not find any antidote for complete cure of the HIV/ AIDS till now, but made advancement in medicines which can give more life to patients, currently. Accordingly, when the virus "Human Immunodeficiency Viruses (HIV)" was first detected in persons, their life expectation was 5 years, then. But, now the patients can live upto 30 years, if medicines are taken strictly as per advice of the doctors/ counselors without fail".
"In our experience, we have observed that, the affected persons are seen neglecting to take medicines as they don't face any a difficulty during medicinal course, but consequently the virus will weak the immune system of the body and silently claps the health internally. Hence, the patients should strictly follow the advice of counselors", Dr. M. Joy added.
Dr. M. Joy further said that, "we are having about 13 counselors in A&N Islands and continuously conducting awareness camps under Adolescent Education Programme in schools, and from the past 3 years in coordination with Red Ribbon Club (RRC) we are also made a platform in all the colleges to discuss freely to create more awareness among generations. Since, there is no other alternative solution is available to prevent the disease i.e. 'AIDS'. And as per our survey, the age groups between 25 to 45 years are affected mostly. The HIV virus can only be spread through blood and body flood related transmission. The ANACS have also arranged camps for free distribution of condoms at various sites. Awareness is the only solution to prevent or control HIV/ AIDS".
However, beside the efforts of ANACS, the citizens opine that, about 80% of adolescents / youngsters are attracted towards drugs (alcohol, ganja and other substitutes), sexual abuse and profanity, etc. Hence, in our education system there should be append a moral class in all schools in India as well as A&N Islands for students of primary to secondary level to mold their mind in the right direction for a better scope of our future generation.

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