Foursome Enterprises

Deals in: Manpower Supply, Electrical Works, Plumbing works, Advertising, Offset Printing Works (Wedding cards, Registers, Bill Books, Visiting Cards, etc.)

We also manufacture: Office Almirah, Office Tables

Cell: 9474242948 | 9531822754

MSME Reg: AN01E0002976
LC: 1037/LC/2019


We began our enterprises with a team of four good members with different skilled talents (Manpower Supply, Electrical Works, Plumbing works, Advertising, Offset Printing Works, Wedding cards, Registers, Bill Books, Visiting Cards, etc.). Before started up, we are worked individually at our best and continuously looked forward to make in a better way with a brand and after finding startup launched by our Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi some two years ago. Of late, being in the remotest Andaman and Nicobar Islands we are unable to process through online to participate initially, that too in the wake of weak internet service in the islands, we are unable to participation ourselves in the startup scheme. However, initially with the least investment of Rs.2 lakh from our personal savings, we have started to buildup / establish our setup as tools purchase and machinery purchase, etc. and started to work with a brand i.e. Foursome Enterprises. Since then, we have knocked every door in our locality to get service and marketed well and earned goodwill among our customers.
And now we are waiting for an opportunity, we hope startup is a ray of hope now for us to achieve our dream project for overall development of youths in the society. As we can see,
Many youths are indulged in taking drugs and other substances to make themselves up, are actually distracted from their goals or aims. We hope startup is a ray of hope to provide a land for making a platform to youths to safe from the destruction. So that, the next generation will come into right track of life and lead a prosperous life in future. Hence, we require a land for the purpose to make our dream true.  


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